Simple Repairs For Your Cowboy Boots


It is not cheap to buy a good pair of boots. What more if you’re planning to buy a cowboy boots, which are more expensive in comparison to normal shoes. That’s because of the reason that the materials that are used to make one and the construction techniques applied to it are specialized. Having a pair of high quality boots can also speak of your fashion statement such as leather jacket, designer pants and the likes.

It is vital that you keep the boot’s aesthetic appeal and see to it that it’s well maintained. Without a doubt, no one wants to see their pair of mens cowboy boots looking mud-caked, miserable, grungy and dusty. In addition to cleanliness, the condition of the boots is something that should be taken into mind as well. At any given moment, the boots should have no holes, the finish must not be marred, eyelets for drawstrings shouldn’t be rusted and the Velcro straps are not frayed.

Due to the fact that the boots are often exposed to harsh elements as well as uneven terrain, it sometimes happens that they get tear and wear. If this is left unattended, the damage may become worse and ruin the pair. For minor damages however, there are actually simple repairs that may be done. A few of these tips include but not limited to:

A simple remedy that you can apply for dealing with simple cracks in sole of the boots is using shoe glue. This can be bought for a few dollars in different shoe repair shops. The shoe glues work as adhesive that has specific formula to glue and seal the cracks and even splits in rubber, leather and some other materials used in the shoe.

As for scratches and minor scrapes on your cowboy boots, it can be fixed easily as well. What should be done here is to determine the material used in the boots. Oftentimes, the info is printed inside. If the material for instance is made from leather, it can be fixed by using leather lotion. This can be bought in different shoe stores and prevent further cracking by moisturizing the leather. You only need a soft and clean cloth to wipe the substance on the leather material troxel helmets, making it very easy to use.

If the cowboy boots are made from suede on the other hand, then you should be using a dry cleaning bar. This product is often sold with bristle brush. This cleaning bar nearly has same composition to pencil eraser. In a way, you use the bar to erase scratches on the suede just like how you use it on paper.


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